Eat and Drink Your Heart Out

Plantain, roti, oxtail, curry, fufu...the cuisines of the diaspora are as diverse as they are delicious! One favourite that is gaining in popularity is the hibiscus plant, used for years in a heritage beverage known as "sorrel" around the Caribbean,"zobo" in Nigeria, "sobolo" in Ghana and "bissap" in Senegal. This plant has many applications, and our founder Chef Resa Solomon-St. Lewis has found new creative ways to use this versatile plant. Watch this video for more!


Not to be outshone, coffee traces its origins to Ethiopia in or around 850AD. The African Diaspora remains a source of some of the best coffees in the World.  We are proud to carry some of the best single origin coffee (beans grown and processed from the same location or crop) from Ethiopia and Tanzania and  locally roasted by Eight50 Coffee

Additionally, we are one of the few outlets in Ottawa for certified, authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, which  is consistently ranked as one of the best coffees in the world.   In order to bear the name “Jamaica Blue Mountain” coffee, the plants must be grown at altitudes of up to 1,800 meters, in a strictly controlled area consisting of the Parishes of Portland, St Andrew, St. Mary and St Thomas. This region is estimated to produce somewhere between 400 metric tons & 1,000 metric tonnes of beans, which by comparison is equal to around 0.1 % of the amount produced in Colombia. 

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