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Meet the Maker: Eight50 Coffee

Hailing from a long line of Ethiopian coffee farmers and roasters, Muna M. pays tribute to her coffee roots (and the origins of coffee) through her offering of responsibly sourced, organic and fair trade specialty coffee and coffee equipment.

We are a proud, women-owned Canadian coffee company sharing our love for coffee that has been woven into our Ethiopian heritage- (The birthplace of coffee). We set a high standard for ourselves and use our family values as a compass to guide our business values.

Through community involvement and responsible business practices we are setting out to make a difference in our community, while simultaneously supporting the communities around the world that we purchase our coffee from.

Our focus is to provide a variety of certified organic and fair trade coffee from around the world that is locally roasted. From flavor to frequency, brewing method to accessories, we provide an array of online coffee learning tools and equipment to allow for a complete online shopping experience for customers to brew our unique blends and single origin coffee at home.

We can’t wait for you to try our coffee!


Ethiopia - Birthplace (Medium Dark Roast Coffee)

Ethiopia - Birthplace

Ethiopia - Birthplace

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The birthplace of coffee is home to natural coffee forests and rich coffee heritage. With high elevation, nutritious volcanic soil and more than 10,000 coffee varieties, Ethiopia is the producer of some of the most extraordinary coffee in the world.

Enjoy a cup from the birthplace of Coffee.

ROAST | Medium Dark Roast

FLAVOUR NOTES | Wild berries, floral aroma

ORIGIN | Ethiopia

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Frequently asked questions

  1. 1. Is it really better to drink freshly ground coffee??

    As soon as you grind your coffee beans, they become exposed to oxygen, which causes the beautiful aromatic oils to evaporate. When you drink freshly ground coffee you get all those delicious oils and the taste that you love so much right in your cup, instead disappearing into the air.
  2. 2. What's so great about pourover coffee?

    Pourovers are very hands on and are ideal for the coffee connoisseur who loves the ritual of coffee-making. This process gives the drinker full control, so you’ll end up with a more balanced coffee and a flavour profile that you can easily altered to suit your specific taste. Pourovers are loved for their smooth, rounded flavour that comes from handpouring the water over the coffee and is thus hard for a machine to replicate.
  3. 3. What's the difference between a single origin coffee versus a blend?

    A single origin coffee is just as it says - one bean sourced from one place. A blend mixes different coffee beans together, creating a fusion of flavours. Mocha Java coffee is one of the first coffee blends in the world, hailing back to when the Europeans would sail to Indonesia (the 'java') for its coffee offerings. On the way back, they would pass through Yemen in the very busy port of Mocha picking up more coffee to complete the blend.


How We Like It: French Press


Step one: Grind beans & heat water

Grind coffee beans on Medium Coarse, and heat water to 94-96 °C / 201-205 *F


Step two: Add coffee to french press

Add ground coffee to French Press and then add water using the ratio of 6g of coffee for every 100g of water. For example, to make 4 cups of coffee, you will need 30g of coffee and 500g of water.
Pour water into French Press vigorously.


Step three: Let crust form & stir

After adding water, a crust will form. Let coffee sit for 3-4 minutes and then break the crust by stirring. Wait 30-45 seconds for coffee to sink to the bottom and then skim the surface


Step four: Flip cup and plunge coffee

Plunge gently and pour coffee into your cup or bowl of choice! Enjoy!

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