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Chakou Noubactep

Chakou Noubactep is the creator of the Chakou Collection and the originator of the African Princess Doll Collection. She began making the dolls when she noticed that her young daughter was struggling with self-esteem and self-identity and losing the connection to her Cameroonian heritage. With no toys available to address her needs, Chakou and her sister made dolls of their own, starting with Teushune from Cameroon. As her daughter embraced her doll, Chakou added sister Princesses to the collection, to give Teushune company!

"No Sew" Demo: Make a Dress For Your Princess

It only takes a few minutes!

Watch our "no-sew" demo and make a dress for your African Princess Doll in only a few minutes! No special equipment (or sewing skills) required.

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